Saturday, May 7, 2022

POEMS OF PLACE with Rockhill Elementary in Alliance


Poets write poems about a place in order to record their memories of it, to let
other people know about it, to help us to remember it, to praise it, to complain it, or for many other reasons. I really love this kind of poem, and I have a book of them titled, The Places We Find Ourselves.

I will be reading two poems of place, "Bless This Land" by Poet Laureate Joy Harjo , and my poem,  "Reedurban, Ohio."

Each of you will be writing a poem about Alliance, or some place around it. Before our next meeting, please ask your family what they know about Alliance, either now or in the past. Ask them if they were born here or came here later, and how they came to Alliance. Think about your own feelings for Alliance-- are you new  here, or were you born here? Do you love it, or do you feel uncomfortable here?
Let's get writing!

(Some old business: here is are photos of  morning glories:)

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